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About Our Organization
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Who Are We?

The Ohio Association of EMIS Professionals is a well established organization that came into being through the vision and dedication of Bruce Hawkins and David Rhodes at the Management Council of the Ohio Education Computer Network (MCOECN) in 2001. The Ohio Association of EMIS Professionals is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to learning, using, and sharing the best methods of the Professionals responsible for the reporting of school district data.

The demands made on the time and skills of the EMIS Professional are increasing on a daily basis. The need for accurate reporting of data through the Educational Management Information System (EMIS) significantly impacts the funding of Ohio’s school districts. EMIS Professionals need support and resources to perform their duties with timeliness and accuracy.

The Ohio Association of EMIS Professionals provides the resources for planning, organizing, evaluating and improving the EMIS reporting process. Our goal is to accomplish this through networking, mentoring, workshops and legislative endeavors.

As an organization, the OAEP has grown incredibly fast, and has gained recognition from other Ohio organizations as one to emulate. The Ohio Department of Education has embraced OAEP for our:

  • concern about all school districts in Ohio
  • ability to involve over 600 members in on-going professional development
  • development of a two-level certification
  • value as a collective voice -- our opinions about the way data is collected
    and used is valued more now than at any other period of time.

Finally, in a span of only thirteen years, the Ohio Association of EMIS Professionals has gained a level of respect which rivals that of other professional educational associations with much longer histories.